"The Web Site of Philately"

You want to sell Your stamps or You would like to know how much they are worth?

For this purpose I let create these pages under the domain www.philately.ws!

How much is a stamp worth ?

Where to sell stamps ?

What stamps are bought ?

WHAT stamps are bought ?

You should not confuse catalog value and price. The price is always the amount, what a real buyer is willing to pay at a definite moment. I need especially the stamps of France and Germany as well as the stamps of other germanophone countries, here you find a list of the stamps we urgently need.

It would be a pleasure for me to inform You about all prices I pay for your stamps. I am quite willing to buy also larger quantities of certain stamps and sets. Please request for agreement and exact modalities before shipment.

Eventually I also can buy stamps not specified on these pages; please give a definite offer with your price. I also can give an offer for stamps you send for examination (only after further agreement), but I ask for your kind understanding that I am not willing to answer to request as "how much would you pay if I had this or that stamp".

Visit regularly these pages - they are constantly updated!