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How much is a stamp worth ?

Where to sell stamps ?

What stamps are bought ?

WHERE to sell stamps ???

The sale can be made directly or by a mediator. Selling stamps by means of a mediator, usually over a stamp auction, the final price is obtained only after the auction date, or even only at the moment of invoicing. Selling directly however the prices are negotiated before the transaction to be paid immediately. Moreover, there is no comission fee during the direct sale, fee which is raised twice by an auctioneer, of the deliverer and of the buyer.

Certainly the large or specialized auction houses offers an advantage when placing large and well-known collections or extremely rare unique items; but regarding the multiplicity of the auctioneers and organized auctions placing of 99% of all stamps for sale, however - this will mean presenting the right item at the right place - is almost impossible or a gamble.

This has to be applied especially to sales meetings 'on-line', where buyers and salesmen are brought together in contact anonymously; although the sales contracts are bound by law the responsability of the organizers are totally excluded. There are a lot of dealers and even small auction houses using these sort of sales to sell of cheap their hardly sellable material.

ALL prices indicated here I will pay promptly for perfect, genuine stamps and your shipment can take place immediately; please inform me before sending (goettelmann@philately.ws). It would be a pleasure for me to inform You about all the prices I pay for your stamps.

Since 25 years I am active in the international stamp trade and I specialized in the stamps of France and the germanophone courntries. Contacts of many years to large stamp houses and financial strong philatelists guarantee prices corresponding to real market conditions for your stamps and my membership in several international federations are your security for the absolute seriosity of each transaction. Promptness and discretion are granted!

Please, give it a try, get in contact with me now. Many deliverers in the whole world entrust me their stamps since many years.

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